SCENER offers professional portfolio and balance management services. As balance managers we are flexible to offer our clients effective solutions and market access. With knowledge of the energy markets and constant development of innovative solutions our professional portfolio management team is able to offer clients added value to their energy portfolios.



SCENER is electricity sales company. When selling energy to our customers we are guided by simplicity and offer mainly most competitive market price but with combining different market products we are able to draw up suitable energy solution to each company.

Natural gas

SCENER is providing natural gas for our customer. We are flexible and creative in our solutions and together with our customers we always find most suitable way for buying natural gas. We are an independent gas seller and therefore we are able to offer competitive rates. When buying both electricity and natural gas together your energy portfolio will be more efficient and also save your valuable time.

Portfolio management

SCENER finds the best solution to your energy needs. Conditions on gas and electricity markets are continuously changing and demand daily attention. Trusting us with energy portfolio, you can focus on your core business. Scener offers reliable and professional portfolio management services. We offer solutions to minimize your energy costs and risks related to electricity procurement.

balance management

SCENER is a balance management company on both Electricity and Gas markets in Estonia. As balancing service providers, it is our responsibility drawing up the daily consumption and/or production forecasts. Our balancing managers ensure that the quantity of our customer´s produced and purchased electricity would be equivalent to the amount of consumed and sold electricity, in the same period.

Green Energy

SCENER takes environmental care seriously. We buy and sell Green Energy Certificates with market-based prices on international markets. Scener gladly helps you to reduce your Ecological Footprint.



Kaido Veldemann

Tiit Rohumets

Jana Nazarova

Maribel Mirontšik


sALES Manager

Balance Manager


Mari Andresen

Sandra Ruben

Sigrid Ruben

Justina Pajus

Balance Manager

Accountant Assistant


Sales Manager in Lithuania

Artjom Lukin

Sales Manager in Latvia




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